An open letter to all Feminists

Dear Feminists,
I deeply believe in gender equality (may be I have taken it a bit more seriously). Now the tradition is the women are supposed to be housewife. Then I can also be a househusband (not to be confused with ‘ghar jamai’, rather an independent one). I am a very good home maker, better than most of girls who are ‘trained’ to be a ‘good’ housewife. I can provide you the kind of life a man enjoys. I am well educated, done my M. Tech. but I don’t want to do a job (well you can think that I am a loser and unable to find a job). Now can you accept me like that and want to have a life that is totally opposite of a patriarchal society? If you are interested you can contact me. We will go for a date to know each other better as we are going to spend rest of our life together. And yes, you have to bear all the bills, you have to buy me gifts just like boys traditionally do. I’ll only offer you love, care and affection. I’ll love you, manage your home, raise your children etc.
But if you think that this is totally rubbish, I’ll judge you as feminazi. I have decided to lead my life like this just like a girl can. It’s my life, my family doesn’t have problem with it. So, you may judge me, but remember its my life and you don’t have a say in it. Its my protest, its my fight, and I want to be like this. I don’t care if I’m the first one.
So Ladies, who want a life like a so called ‘MAN’ lead, I’m waiting for you. Hurry up, otherwise I’ll be taken by someone else 😀 😛


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